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Busy like a bee bee

Friday, January 27, 2006

Busy! Busy! Busy! This week I'm really busy for meetings till I do not have time to even study. Meetings were started on monday till wednesday and tuesday night was the worst meeting experience I ever had in my whole entire life. I attended 3 meetings continues till I felt a bit pressure in myself. Luckily, I was able to control myself from over pressuring myself in such a situation where there were so many people including members. And on the same day, something happened. It was quite sad thinking about that incident and if I were in that person's situation too. But things turn out well few days later by seeing that person back with the smile on the face. Then I was sick maybe due to I am way too tired T_T. On thursday, I had dinner with a bunch of my LEO friends where all of us kept on talking and laughing together. Haha but one thing which made me felt a bit strange when I saw Joann which was DORCAS WAS NOT AROUND WITH JOANN!!! (evertime I see either one of them, they will surely be together) Haha while laughing and talking together, my disease attacked me where I kept on laughing non-stop till Joann say I'm over excited. Oh ya, while we were walking back to Block D, Jenq Hann saw an african guy very muscular wan. Moreover, his body sparkles and shines wan u know. Too bad, I was not amazed with that cause I felt it was way too gross for me (I wonder why? -.-") On Friday, I was not concentrating in class because I just CAN'T WAIT TO GO HOME!! *kept on looking at my watch* And thank goodness Miss Tan ends the class early by 15 minutes. Talk about Miss Tan, I realized she is a bit cheeky sometimes but she is cute in the sense she sweats a lot *dripping* even though she is teaching in the air-cond room. I hurried back to my room to pack my stuffs and off I go downstairs and I met Joann again. Then she asked me whether I wanna "tumpang" her friend's car to the ktm station because her friend will give her a leave too. After talking with her, I saw a vios car passed by me and I saw chen waving from inside the car. Haha and chen called me to ask whether I'm going back to sban cause chee wei can give me a leave back. Hurray!!! I do not need to go through the trouble sitting bus to the ktm and ktm back to sban. Hehe just when I got inside the car, Joann was in already. I felt a bit funny when chee wei asked joann "where is your friend?" (it means me). Haha and joann face was real blur. Aiyoo.. I cannot stop laughing thinking about it. Anyway, thank you chee wei for giving me a leave back home to seremban. Hehe and I wish all of you out there, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and have a wish that all of you get lots of ang paus for this year. Don't forget to give half of your ang pau money to me kay? =P OH YA!! AND STOP ASKING AND LAUGHING WHEN YOU SEE ME BECAUSE OF MY HAIR!!! (even my parents can't stop laughing -.-")
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Papa bear is fat, Mama bear is slender, Baby bear... is too cute!! Kushu Kushu

Friday, January 20, 2006

I can still remember how he used to smile (he looks so sweet that it made my heart melts) and how cute he is when he "merajuk". That made me admires the way he is even though he does not look handsome but CUTE when he smiles. He doesn't show out that he actually cares for me (scold and step) but deep down in his heart he is worried and curious what happened to me. How I wish he was mine but I could not reach out to get him. It could only happen in my dreams cut* cut* cut* (cut the crap please!!) Haha wondering who am I talking about? I'll let you know in a while more after I sing a "three bear" song. Haha still don't get it then u're a BAKA!! Well, the guy I was talking about was Rain acting as Young Jae in Full House (at last I got to download this series with an english subtitle). Arghhh... I always scold my friends not to go crazy of this Rain but now I'm in the same group as them. But there something I wanna say.. Rain is not handsome after all (I agree with what Jane said but she likes him too) but in some manner he made his fans go crazy of him. Maybe he's a so called "chick magnet" with his coolness or watever ler. Haha well there is a good news for me this week or perhaps I should say its a bad news? I will let you be the judge. Hehe the news is about..... my room mate came back to stay with me now. Every night starting from this week, I am not sleeping alone anymore. Wahahaha and her name is Jane. Both of us sleeps really early, but sometimes she sleeps a bit earlier than me which is 10.45pm (that was yesterday which gave me a real big SHOCKED). Luckily for me to get a room mate like her who sleeps early and not sleep really late in the night ler. But for the past 2 days, I was a bit too much as in.. Haha I watched Full House till midnight and yesterday till 1.30am (too excited to know the ending). Oooppssss.... hope she sleeps well even though the lights were off while I watched Full House in the dark. Chapter 14-15 was really sad, my tears kept on rolling down (thank God Jane was sleeping and the lights were off.. Haha) and the best part I like to watch in the series was Rain dance and sang the "three bear" song. SO CUTE!! All right, enough of Full House. Let's talk about how forgetful I was on Wednesday. Arghhh... my room mate went out and I went to take my bath after that. I knew something was not right when I was bathing, and what the hack!!! I locked my door and I left my keys inside the room. OMG! OMG! Went to find for Clara but she was not in the room but when I was going to Jean Le's room, Clara came back. Yea, and finally my door opened thanks to Clara who told me that the security guard actually has the key to open all the door. Hehe luckily I wore clothes and not like some people who wrap themself with a towel to take bath. Yawn* felt like taking a nap to dream of Rain now. Hehe (Rain you better appear in my dream*) =P

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5 wives and 1 husband stands for where, who, why, when, what and how

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Well well well, it has been 2 weeks since college started. Mmm... everything went quite fine I guess -.-" but not for the law part for paper 9. Aih.. learning laws for income tax weh, not easy!!! I got confused with section 7(1)(c). Haha Jean Le explain also I am still not very sure ler. Still a bit confused, guess I have to ask miss caroline to explain that again. Hehe was quite boring for the past few weeks. Aih.. but not for wed. I was so tensed up sitting in the activity room 1 for more than 2 hours having BOD meeting. First time I experience that and we had a new officer in charge which will be Miss Joana. She made us freaked out when she suddenly came into the room and all of us kept quiet (before she came in we were laughing and talking). Chung thought she was some LION because she asked us our names, what course and etc ler. But when the meeting goes on, she was really nice in helping us out and giving suggestions. After meeting, we went out for yam cha with Mr Ariadi who will no longer be our officer in charge. Mmm.. then went back to my hostel to watch "ah wong" (Simple Made Life). Must watch this new "ah wong" series where he is really CUTE. I didn't know that my room mate admires him also -.-" she watched the series with me when she went back to hostel to clean up her place. Ah wong carries around a tortoise bag and he had a tortoise as his pet (laughing on the floor) And the best part is he knows how to sign by drawing a tortoise also. Aiyoo.. sei "ah wong" curi gua punya tortoise buat apa la. But few episodes before it concludes, it was quite sad ler. Then today, I went out to celebrate Tse Wen's 19th birthday at Pizza Hut in Parkson. Wow.. quite old dy ler all of us. We're gonna have 2 cards soon next year. Then there were this group of malay boys sitting next to our table. Wah, one of them really daring as in he wants to capture tse wen's photo and asked tse wen to take a pic with him. Tse wen got so scared as well as us cause they look more like the gangster type (whole gang wore black colour from head to toe). After that, we went and walk around parkson. Tse wen even asked me to buy eye liner to put on my eyes. Wahh.. I am afraid of putting eye liner because its quite sharp and what if it pokes my eyes scare* scare* =x maybe I will consider that. Haha
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Heartache to the MAX!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Everything was fine this week except for YESTERDAY which falls on the 5th of JANUARY 2006. Ahh... TRAGIC!!! It was at 12noon when Jean Le and I walked to the cafetaria. We passed by a board where they will update the INTI news on the board. While walking, I saw my photo there and I was really curious what they wrote about me. Gosh, just after we had our lunch.. we headed straight to the library and I went to get a copy for INTI news. When I read the news talking about me, it was so FAKE as in the BABI PERSON who INTERVIEWED me edited something which I DID NOT SAY AT ALL DURING INTERVIEW ^%$#@. Basically, they wrote about me saying "I don't keep to a timetable for my studies and PLAY but I do do make sure I concentrate during lectures and ask questions when in doubt". The word PLAY made me go so MAD as in real mad. People who read it will definetely say its so FAKE as in very FAKE. Anyway, I did not even mentioned the word PLAY during interview. The man who interviewed me asked me "do I keep a timetable for my studies" and my answer was definetely simple which was "NO". I said "NO" doesn't mean I PLAY!! Arghh.. I got no face when Joann and Clara said "pam, I saw your photo". Hell la, everyone in the college definetely saw and read what was inside the INTI news. But my mom said it was a good thing cos I study when ever I wan. Arghh.. dunno la, maybe different people interpret that sentence as a different thing. Gosh... FASTER END THIS DARN MONTH and have a new INTI news.
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